CNN, advertise Zagoria

The foreign media has found many reasons a visitor to experience the Greece and Winter . Wanting to attract each person chooses the most «classy», such characteristics mentioned, places to visit our country in winter , ideal for romantic getaways. Epirus and Zagorohoria are high preferences of the authors .

Zagorohoria traveled Dina Nikolaou by emitting a table Greece.

The Chef Dina Nikolaou entranced at the sight of the gorge Vikos . He stops to admire the clear waters of Voidomatis , visit the monasteries of the area excited by the landscape and architecture.

Zagori as candidates for Cultural Landscape UNESCO World Heritage

For the first time a Greek Cultural Landscape list of UNESCO World Heritage , Landscape list of UNESCO World Heritage .

The show 60 ‘ Greece travels Elati Zagori

Nikos Manesis broadcast 60 minutes Greece along with his team, visited our region and Elati village. Zagorohoria consists of 46 stone-built villages around the Vikos Gorge , called as the ” Grand Canyon of Greece ” as it is one of the largest and deepest canyons in the world.

Climbing Bear with her baby in Zagori

Climbing a mother bear, the impressive limestone towers of Zagoria , along with her baby , is recorded in the camera from a German tourist and his partner tou.To video provided the information center of the National Park of Northern Pindos , in Aspangelous John, German visitor , who spoke

The North Face Zagori Mountain Running 2015

This year’s race will take place on 25kai July 26, 2015 and the participants will take part in races of 80 km . , 42 km . , 21 km . and 10 km .